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    Pre-Primary and Primary School
  • At Capella House we believe that the quality of the relationship between teacher and child impacts learning way more than any resources, facilities or curriculum.

    We believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially into a high functioning adult. We teach our children to question, to think, to imagine, to see, to solve problems, to understand subtleties, to recognize ambiguity, fostering a lifelong love of learning.

    We work to develop conflict resolution and self regulation skills with the intention of creating

    • Empowered
    • Consciously aware
    • Self actualised and
    • Emotionally intelligent individuals who progress onto a variety of High Schools

    Parent Calendar 2019: Term 4

    • Mon 7 Oct
      Term 4 - Teaching / Admin
      staff return
    • Tue 8 Oct
      Term 4 - Learners return
    • Sat 26 Oct
      9h30 - 12h00
      Go-Cart races - FH Sports Field
    • Tue 29 Oct
      Gr 3 & 5 IEB English & Afrikaans IBT
    • Wed 30 Oct
      Gr 3 & 5 IEB Math IBT
    • Thurs 31 Oct
      Gr 4 & 7 IEB Reasoning IBT
    • Mon 11 Nov
      Child swap - during school day
    • Mon 11 Nov
      17h00 - 18h30
      Parent swap
    • Wed 27 - 29 Nov
      Gr 6/7 Camp
    • Fri 29 Nov
      17h00 - 19h00
      Term 4 school social
    • Wed 4 Dec
      Reports to parents
      Lost property
    • Thur 5 Dec
      Gr 7 Farewell school ring (All)
    • Thur 5 Dec
      Gr 7 Breakfast
      (Gr 7's / staff / parents)
    • Thurs 5 Dec
      Last day of 2019
      School closes at 12h00
    • Fri 6 Dec
      Last day for teaching staff
    • Fri 13 Dec
      Last day for support staff
    • 2020
      Term 1
    • Mon 6 Jan
      Term 1 - Support staff return
    • Mon 13 Jan
      Term 1 - Teaching / Admin staff return
    • Wed 15 Jan
      Term 1 - Learners return
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    Capella House

    Elementary School

    Capella House is a progressive independent pre- and primary school situated in the beautiful 'Deep South' of Cape Town.

    Capella House

    Capella House

    6 days 13 hours ago

    Today was break-up day for the staff, time for reflections and celebrations before the start of a well deserved holiday. It has been a very emotional and tough year, with one of us, our beautiful Sue, passing away. As we all said to one another today, where do you find a school where your colleagues truly feel like your second family, always there to support you. We wouldn’t have overcome this year’s challenges if we weren’t such a tight bunch. A big shout out to this amazing group of people I’m lucky enough to be part of. #PersonalDevelopment #ProgressiveSchooling #EmotionalIntelligence #CapellaHouse

    Capella House

    Capella House

    1 week 15 hours ago

    Every Wednesday we do tours and explain interested families what Capella House and progressive schooling is about and what an important role emotional intelligence plays. And like every year, on this particular day, when we send our grade 7’s off on the next part of their journey, I sigh and say ‘this is the day we should invite interested families to.’ Listening to the beautiful heartfelt tributes from these amazing and confident young people, to their teachers, their class mates and their families, always brings tears to our eyes. It is the eating of the pudding, the proof that our approach can make a big difference in how a child experiences school, not as that place where you feel forced to go to and a number but as that welcoming environment that makes learning fun, that allows you to be yourself and go out in the world and shine. Grade 7’s, we can’t wait to welcome you back again at our next school social to hear all about your experiences in high school. #progressiveschooling #emotionalintelligence

    Capella House

    Capella House

    1 week 6 days ago

    Our talent show at the end of the school year is always such a treat and attracts current, new and old families. Kids beaming with confidence, singing, dancing, telling jokes, and acting out short plays. And it is not only the kids but also some parents that put on a play or sing, together with their child. All acts were amazing in their own way. #CapellaHouse #progressiveschooling #emotionalintelligence #relationships #individuality #curiosity #creativity #community

    Capella House

    Capella House

    2 weeks 3 hours ago

    Dear Capella House families, friends and fans, don’t miss out on our great 🌟 Star Factor 🌟talent show tonight, from 17.00 - 19.00. We’ve just finished our final rehearsal and can’t wait to show you our star acts! Hope to see you all.

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  • “I came to Capella with reluctance. Reluctance and gratitude. That you could show up just when we needed you and open your arms to our family was a huge relief. But still, I was skeptical. The school was small, and the promises were big. A lot of words, I thought. But the two plus years we have spent with you have shown me that you are bigger than your promises. More than your words. Deeper than the visions you so strive to share. Broader and stronger than most, you have lived up to every one of your values. And then some.”

    — Christine, mom of Phoenix Grade 6/7