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    Pre-Primary and Primary School
  • At Capella House we believe that the quality of the relationship between teacher and child impacts learning way more than any resources, facilities or curriculum.

    We believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially into a high functioning adult. We teach our children to question, to think, to imagine, to see, to solve problems, to understand subtleties, to recognize ambiguity, fostering a lifelong love of learning.

    Parent Calendar 2018: Term 2

    • Tues 17 April
      Term 2 starts for learners
    • Mon 23 April
      Staff training -
      School closes at 12h00
    • Fri 27 April
      Public holiday - Freedom day
    • Mon 30 April
      School holiday
    • Tues 1 May
      Public holiday - Worker's day
    • Tues & Wed
      8 & 9 May
      The Book People
    • Wed 23 May
      Gr7 IEB Match Assessment
    • Thurs 24 May
      18h00 - 19h00
      Pre - Gr 3 School share
    • Thurs 24 May
      19h00 - 20h00
      Gr 4 - 7 School share -
      High school sharing - Past pupils
    • Fri 8 June
      17h00 - 19h00
      School social T2
    • Thurs 21 June
      End of term 2 -
      School closes at 12h00
    • 17 July
      Start of T3 for learners
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  • I’d say Capella House is closest to us ideologically and it is really committed to being true to a progressive school experience.

    — Frank Rumboll - Principal Cedar House