The history of Capella House

The journey we have travelled
  • Capella House came into being on 17 July 2012, when the school changed its name. The name is derived from the Capella star, the brightest star in the constellation Auriga. It symbolises how we encourage children, parents and staff to shine in their possibilities, as individuals and collectively. A progressive school which is learning and developing, keeping what works and changing what doesn’t, maintaining a fluidity and openness not only for our students, but for the school itself.

    The school was originally founded in 2004 by two educators, a young man called Robin Booth and his mentor Meryl Hewett-Fourie who together developed the Synergy Schooling approach. They founded a small private school in the beautiful Noordhoek/Kommetjie area, welcoming the first learners in January 2005, under the name of Synergy School. Robin Booth was the original owner of the school and was the school’s Principal during the first five years of growth.

    In November 2010 he sold the school to a group of passionate and committed parents, thus enabling him to focus on his passion of supporting parents and teachers at an international level. Since the handover, Meryl Hewett–Fourie has worked closely with the new owners in overseeing the school’s approach and methodology. She has been responsible for the education portfolio on the school board. Having already been the school’s Interim Principal for a period of time in between, she officially took on the Principal role in October 2014.

    We joined Capella House early in 2014 when we moved our son to Capella in his grade 3 year.

    Capella has given us a real sense of teamwork between child, teacher and parent. For the first time we felt like we were part of the team with our child’s learning and progress at school. We have continual information and feedback on our child’s progress and where an area may need support it is discussed and addressed immediately. Capella will support in any way it can with out of the box solutions , and sometimes extra curricula activities like Kumon. We have seen such huge positive changes in our child. There is a far better interaction between child and teacher, which results in an increase in trust.

    Capella is supporting us and our son in being the best he can be, bringing out his natural abilities and supporting the areas that need it. Our son is more confident and he is happy at school, he is very excited for what grade 4 will bring.

    Capella has a wonderful positive feeling!

    — Michelle & Roland, parents of Dylan (Grade 4)