The Capella House Team

Meet our teachers, management & administration, grounds staff & board of trustees
  • Management & Administration

  • Malie Ntshangase
    Head of School
    ‘’My passion for children, parenting and being a parent myself, underpin my love for Capella. A place where I can lead with a clear purpose, a place where you embrace what is working and change what’s not. As a leader of a progressive and innovative school I believe that Capella is at the forefront of a new way of being in a school environment where it is about the image we hold for children, families and ourselves in relation to heart space.’’
  • Fiona Morrissey
    Front of Office
    I left the teaching profession after 10 years to explore other opportunities. These included marketing for a photography studio and managing and owning businesses. I also project managed the building of our home before joining Capella House.
  • Teachers: Pre School

  • portia-ntlamba
  • Portia Ntlamba
    Core Teacher: Pre School & Subject Teacher isiXhosa
    Capella House is not just a school or a place to work for me, it is a home for me, where we are family. Capella House is a place of growing, fun and learning with love, for children as well as adults. Learning the Capella way is the key to our future. Being a pre-school teacher has taught me to love and care with respect. Kids are a blessing and I love them and my job so much. 
  • Liesl Strydom

  • Liesl Strydom 
    Core Teacher: Grade R

    After completing my degree in Education in 2013, I set off to Vietnam from 2014 until the end of 2018 to teach. I spent over four years working at International Kindergartens, traveling in-between and learning about various cultures.

    I feel truly blessed to have a career in teaching. It is something that is just so natural to me as you scaffold young minds and their curiosity. I have connected with so many children from all over the world and each one has taught me something new. This is probably my favorite part about being an educator; you’ll never stop learning! I love being able to be my complete self in the classroom. At nearly 30, it is safe to say that I still enjoy play! Making use of humor, acting, singing, dancing and pretend is so much fun. I love to see children smiling and happy because that makes me feel happy :). Being a preschool teacher has shown me that learning can happen at any instant. Whether its during an art activity, baking mud pies in our fantasy kitchen or just simply watching the clouds go by. It’s so important to take the time to listen to our children and provide positive guidance wherever we can.

    Admiring Capella House as a school was one thing.. becoming a part of the team has been a dream come true. Capella is a space where children want to learn not where they are forced to. Teachers are inspired not tired. Its a home away from home, please come around to the preschool to see for yourself! (There will most likely be fresh mud pies upon arrival 😉 )

  • Teachers: Grades 1 - 3

  • Ray Doyle
    Core Teacher: Grade 1 and Development

    I’ve always considered childhood to be an incredibly magical time and I think being a teacher is such a privilege as I get to experience the magic of children every day. 

    My undergraduate studies were in English and Media where I deepened my appreciation of writing and literature. I then moved to South-East Asia to experience a new culture and way of life. I spent a year teaching in Thailand, where I was introduced to the Reggio Emilia style of teaching. This experience taught me to view children as strong, capable and full of endless wonder and possibility. I then came back to Cape Town to complete a PGCE at UCT. Here, I focused on Reggio Emilia and P4C methodologies. 

     With my background in Special Needs Facilitation, I have a special place in my heart for learners who learn in different and unique ways. This means that I have truly found my home at Capella House, a school that encompasses so many of the ideologies that I hold dear. 

     I am also a qualified photographer, which is why you’ll see lots of photographs of the children and their work around our classroom!

  • dan

  • Daniel Jegels
    Learnership ECD 
    The values of Capella is what makes Capella different and unique from other schools. The values are simple and easy to practise. Having a lot of values and not putting them into practise is a waste, but here at Capella we (as a school) practise what we preach. We (staff of Capella) look at a child, not at how clever they are, but what’s inside their heart and how unique and different they are to the next child.
  • Tao Lategan

  • Tao Lategan

    Core Teacher: Grade 2 & 3 

    Curiosity is what brought me to Capella House and curiosity is one of the most valuable tools in teaching. I believe that children should be able to choose what they want to learn and let their curiosity direct their learning. My role is to act as a guide to facilitate their learning and understanding. Teaching is about unlocking the knowledge that is already there and then enhancing it. I find that a well placed question can energise a child’s thinking far greater than just giving them the answers.

    Learning should be fun, engaging and relevant to the child’s experiential world. I believe that imagination and discovery go hand in hand. Our class enjoy coming up with different hypotheses and designing experiments to explore. Children have so much potential and to be able to help them unlock their passion for life-long learning is a great privilege.

  • megan

  • Megan Vermeulen
    Learnership Grade 2 & 3
    Capella house is not only a school but a home and a family. The teachers truly look after every student ensuring that they are grounded emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically. Capella is more concerned about what is happening within a child’s heart rather than what is happening in their head. No child is left out at Capella. Capella house is a place of growth and love. It provides a safe, caring and calm environment for teachers, children, and parents. Capella lives out its four values daily. (Accountability, Individuality, Curiosity, Relationships).
  • Teachers: Grades 4 - 7

  • melissa-hill
  • Melissa Hill
    Core Teacher: Grade 6 & 7 and Health and Safety Portfolio 
    I am a remedially trained teacher from the United States with over eleven years in the intermediate phase. I started teaching at Capella in 2010. What excites me about Capella is the empowerment of our learners. The drive they have when they have buy in for their study topics and how creative and free they are in exploring their themes.  I have a beautiful partner and we have recently become parents to a beautiful boy. 
  • karen

  • Karen Smith
    Core teacher: Grade 4 & 5

    The word “education” is derived from three latin words- educare (to nourish, bring up), educere (to lead, draw out) and educatum (to train, teach or discipline). These roots words imply a holistic approach to education embracing the heart, the mind and the body of each individual. As public education over the past couple of hundred years became the norm in the Western world, emphasis was placed on “ educatum”, the training, teaching and discipline of the mind leaving the other two equally important aspects of education largely ignored. This has clearly resulted in an imbalance and undue stress placed on young people to achieve in the area of academics alone with future job prospects being the underlying driver. Research is revealing that children who have a good self esteem are able to manage the ever increasing rate of change we are experiencing on the planet today.

    Capella House stands out as one of the few schools that I know of that fully embraces all three aspects of education. I love working at Capella as its primary purpose is to draw out the essence of each precious child so that they can see, experience and enjoy who they are (good self-esteem) and develop the skills they uniquely need to thrive in this century and present their lives as gifts to the world.

  • Cayla

  • Cayla Vahl
    Learnership Intermediate Phase
  • Anne_Marie

  • Annemarie Gerber
    Subject Teacher: Creative Arts & Afrikaans

    I lived and worked as an Au Pair in America and Denmark for 5 years. On returning to South Africa I started my career in teaching at a primary school in Cape Town.  I was employed as a teacher’s assistant but soon after also became the Art teacher. During those 6 years of teaching, I discovered that children and art are some of my big passions; I find it very rewarding being able to use art to allow children to express their individuality and creativity. 

    I completed my B.ed at UNISA in 2015 and decided it was time to explore a different approach to teaching.  I was offered a teaching career at Capella House and joined their team in 2016 as the Afrikaans and Creative arts teacher.

    I’ve been loving every new and creative experience since.

  • Grounds

  • daniel

  • Daniel Landingwe
    Grounds Assistant
    I am one of the general assistants that takes care of maintenance. I look after the buildings and grounds, making sure they are always in good order.
  • nomzingisi-nogqala
  • Nomzingisi Nogqala
    Caretaker & Cleaner
    When I am not cleaning classrooms I take turns watching the playground when the children are outside.
  • Board of Trustees

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  • Katrien Heere
    Chairperson & HR
    Marc Lammers
    Finance, Legal & IT
    Shelley Gotz
    Marketing & Admissions
  • Malie Ntshangase
    Ryan Matchett