The Capella House Team

Meet our teachers, management & administration, grounds staff & board of trustees
  • Management & Administration

  • Malie Ntshangase
    Head of school
    ‘’My passion for children, parenting and being a parent myself, underpin my love for Capella. A place where I can lead with a clear purpose, a place where you embrace what is working and change what’s not. As a leader of a progressive and innovative school I believe that Capella is at the forefront of a new way of being in a school environment where it is about the image we hold for children, families and ourselves in relation to heart space.’’


  • Meryl Hewett-Fourie
    Education Consultant
    I have been involved in education for 38 years. My passion is training teachers and supporting them in different methodologies for their children in class (and schools in the way that they do that). Having co-founded Synergy Schooling in 2004 with Robin Booth while working together till 2008 developing methodology and training teacher in Foundation phase in the disadvantaged schools, I moved on to earn an income at Monteray Pre-Primary at the time of its potential closure, relocation and successfully continued their operation – whilst remaining on the Synergy Board. I’ve also had significant involvement with Naptosa and more recently the Education SETA’s, representing Early childhood development (ECD) and Adult basic education in the chamber at a National level. I am currently working with Starting Chance, an NGO working in shack schools to uplift and train the caregivers in the schools. I manage and develop the training programs along with supporting fieldworkers in the community.

    I was invited back to Synergy by the new owners in 2011 to support the new leadership of the school. Through the journey with the new Board, I have now accepted a permanent part time position, allowing me to continue with my community work and continue my vision of what Synergy/Capella could achieve. I am delighted to be working with Malie in a collaborative management model, which embraces my style and we have been able to link our community visions in addition to what we can achieve at Capella!

  • Fiona Morrissey
    Front of Office
    I left the teaching profession after 10 years to explore other opportunities. These included marketing for a photography studio and managing and owning businesses. I also project managed the building of our home before joining Capella House.
  • Teachers: Pre School

  • portia-ntlamba
  • Portia Ntlamba
    Core Teacher: Pre School 
    Enjoying my work with the children as much as I am and wanting to further my career, I have started an Early Childhood Development course. Another area where I want to develop further skills is administration.
    I believe that Capella House is a place of growth for children and as well for adults and learning is a process that will take us to success and learning is a key to our future.
  • dan

  • Daniel Jegels
    Learnership ECD 
    The values of Capella is what makes Capella different and unique from other schools. The values are simple and easy to practise. Having a lot of values and not putting them into practise is a waste, but here at Capella we (as a school) practise what we preach. We (staff of Capella) look at a child, not at how clever they are, but what’s inside their heart and how unique and different they are to the next child.
  • emma

  • Emma Jackson
    Core Teacher: Grade R
    I would share with the parents how grateful I am to be doing what I’m doing! I think it’s a really rare thing in life to get up every morning and feel happy and excited to go to work – and I am so lucky to have that privilege and to love my job. I would share that being a preschool teacher at Capella has taught me the most profound lesson in learning how to love, because no matter who comes through my classroom door, the best thing I can do for them before any ‘teaching’ happens, is love them. And I really love my kids. They absolutely astound and amaze me, and I adore everything that they are.
    They’ve taught me more about how to love and learn then I ever thought possible in one lifetime.
  • Teachers: Grades 1 - 3

  • Ray Doyle
    Core Teacher: Grade 1 and Development

    I’ve always considered childhood to be an incredibly magical time and I think being a teacher is such a privilege as I get to experience the magic of children every day. 

    My undergraduate studies were in English and Media where I deepened my appreciation of writing and literature. I then moved to South-East Asia to experience a new culture and way of life. I spent a year teaching in Thailand, where I was introduced to the Reggio Emilia style of teaching. This experience taught me to view children as strong, capable and full of endless wonder and possibility. I then came back to Cape Town to complete a PGCE at UCT. Here, I focused on Reggio Emilia and P4C methodologies. 

     With my background in Special Needs Facilitation, I have a special place in my heart for learners who learn in different and unique ways. This means that I have truly found my home at Capella House, a school that encompasses so many of the ideologies that I hold dear. 

     I am also a qualified photographer, which is why you’ll see lots of photographs of the children and their work around our classroom!

  • megan

  • Megan Vermeulen
    Learnership Grade 1
    Capella house is not only a school but a home and a family. The teachers truly look after every student ensuring that they are grounded emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically. Capella is more concerned about what is happening within a child’s heart rather than what is happening in their head. No child is left out at Capella. Capella house is a place of growth and love. It provides a safe, caring and calm environment for teachers, children and parents. Capella lives out its four values daily. (Accountability, Individuality, curiosity, respect).
  • Tao Lategan

  • Tao Lategan

    Core Teacher: Grade 2 &3 

  • erin

  • Erin Swart
    Co-teacher: Grade 2 & 3
    I’m part of a really big family with lots of children. I knew from a very young age that being a teacher was what I wanted to do. I previously started studying a Bachelor of Social Work at UCT and realised that it wasn’t for me so went back to my direct roots which is teaching. I am now currently studying a Bachelor of Education through UNISA. While studying I started facilitating children in an active class environment in the valley which I’ve grown up in. During my time as facilitator, I was approached by Capella House to fill a permanent position and become part of their ‘family’ from 2015.
    As a parent myself I get to live this, just seeing my child able to be so conscious of herself and the conversations she has. Emotional capabilities and a sense of being utterly grounded.
  • Teachers: Grades 4 - 7

  • lauren-leigh-sterrenberg
  • Lauren-Leigh Sterrenberg
    Core Teacher: Grade 4 & 5 & Curriculum 
    After completing my BA in Media, Writing and Radio Production at UCT I went to live in the USA for eight months. While I was over there I was approached by an organisation to come and work for them. I decided to accept the opportunity and came back to South Africa, working with children at a church and at various schools in the Constantiaberg Valley. I realised that this was my passion, so I decided to do a PGCE part-time. I joined the Capella House team in 2013 and I am so thrilled to have found a school that fits in so perfectly with my approach to education.
  • melissa-hill
  • Melissa Hill
    Core teacher: Grade 6 & 7 & Health and safety
    I was educated at Louisiana State University where I received my B.A. in History and English and then went on to study at Southeastern Louisiana State University to earn my certificate in education. Before I immigrated to South Africa, I taught grades 5 and 6, both regular and remediation, and have spent the last three years working with children from diverse backgrounds and needs.
  • karen

  • Karen Smith
    Co-teacher: Intermediate phase
  • Anne_Marie

  • Annemarie Gerber
    Subject Teacher: Creative Arts & Afrikaans

    I lived and worked as an Au Pair in America and Denmark for 5 years. On returning to South Africa started my career in teaching at a primary school in Cape Town.  I was employed as a teacher’s assistant but soon after also became the Art teacher. During those 6 years of teaching, I discovered that children and art are some of my big passions; I find it very rewarding being able to use art to allow children to express their individuality and creativity. 

    I completed my B.ed at UNISA in 2015 and decided it was time to explore a different approach to teaching.  I was offered a teaching career at Capella House and joined their team in 2016 as the Afrikaans and Creative arts teacher.

    I’ve been loving every new and creative experience since.

  • Cayla

  • Cayla Vahl
    Learnership Creative Arts & Afrikaans
  • sean

  • Sean Baron
    Subject Teacher: Xhosa
  • Grounds

  • daniel

  • Daniel Landingwe
    Grounds Assistant
    I am one of the general assistants that takes care of maintenance. I look after the buildings and grounds, making sure they are always in good order.
  • nomzingisi-nogqala
  • Nomzingisi Nogqala
    Caretaker & Cleaner
    When I am not cleaning classrooms I take turns watching the playground when the children are outside.
  • Board of Trustees

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  • Katrien Heere
    Chairperson & HR
    Marc Lammers
    Finance, Legal & IT
    Sue Raath
    Marketing & Admissions
  • Malie Ntshangase
    Andy Beddow