Or rather, our 'variform'

Nurturing the spark of individuality
  • In line with our focus on nurturing the spark of individuality and our school motto ‘The School of Possibilities’, we have consciously designed our school uniform to give our children a sense of belonging and at the same time a sense of possibility to express themselves individually.

    We have a selection of comfortable and casually branded tops in various colours and hats which children are required to wear at school. At the same time they are free to decide what bottoms they wish to wear.

  • The Capella House uniform

  • “I came to Capella with reluctance. Reluctance and gratitude. That you could show up just when we needed you and open your arms to our family was a huge relief. But still, I was skeptical. The school was small, and the promises were big. A lot of words, I thought. But the two plus years we have spent with you have shown me that you are bigger than your promises. More than your words. Deeper than the visions you so strive to share. Broader and stronger than most, you have lived up to every one of your values. And then some.”
    Christine, mom of Phoenix Grade 6/7

    — Eunice, special mother to Anam