Extra-mural Activites

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our extra murals are on hold until further notice. The school offers several sport, creative and cultural extra-murals inclusive of the school fee and some exclusive.
  • Physical movement and co-ordination is an important part of our development.  All children do movement/sport and ball skills during school time.

    Although we are a relatively small school, we do offer some extra-murals (done after school) which are optional choices for children to do. Children who are being home-schooled are welcome to join. The timetable changes from term to term but includes the following choices. For more information please give us a call.

    Our choices at the moment are:

    • Soccer
    • Tennis
    • Mini-Cricket
    • Netball
    • Athletics
    • Playball
    • Creative art
    • Music (individual piano and guitar lessons)
    • Yoga

    Outside the extra murals we offer at school there are a number of activities available  in the area which are advertised regularly at school.  Activities such as horseback riding, ballet and sailing are offered, to name a few.

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  • So often, during social integration I’ve watched fathers playing catch, mothers reading stories or parents doing creative work with their children and marvelled at how precious it is to share a space where we play with our children together. Because there have been times when privy to a moment of intimacy between parent and child while playing, I’ve left social integration with a renewed sense of the beautiful privilege that parenthood affords. And, some days this has been just the medicine I needed to find my way out of parenting frustrations back into connection with my children.

    And, how absolutely phenomenal that Capella values the quality of relationships to the extent that it offers courses where parents can come together united by their desire to grow. And, in this community of parents I’ve been inspired, supported and touched by those who’ve shared vulnerably and with great intimacy of their challenges and joys.

    Capella – for all the growing pains you are yet to face and all the hurdles you may have to navigate, hold on tight to what sets you apart for it is incredibly special.

    With many thanks for our wonderful journey together.

    — Françoise, Myrah (pre 2), Gabriel and Jerri