A Visitor From the Past

This morning as fog rolled down from the mountaintop… Megan smuggled in a Mystery Visitor, surrounded by a thicket of plants. Who could it be?! Well there is only one past-teacher who would arrive covered in leaves… It can only be Ray! We gathered all our young gardeners on the veranda and talked through the process of planting a tree. What to do first? Ah, choose a spot. Then pull out the dead tree that we are replacing. Next, excitedly interact with all the larvae and bugs that have popped out to say hi. Take turns stepping on the spade to dig a fresh hole. Tickle the tree’s roots to get them out of the pot-shape they’ve taken on. Pop it in the hole, replace the soil and dig a moat to keep the water in. Now all that’s left is to ride around on extra sticks pretending they are witches’ brooms! We’ve done it! We have planted trees! Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that they survive the salty winds, stray footballs and curious hands. Ray will be back to check on them… The Fairy Plant Mother of Capella.