Jennifer Fennessy

After having started off my working career in tourism I eventually made my way to teaching English to foreign language students in the Middle Eastern country of Oman. This new-found passion saw me completing my TEFL qualifications and teaching children at an Omani Kindergarten for a number of years. I moved on to the Sultan’s primary-school in capacity as teaching-assistant to Grade 1s and 2s before starting my own family and moving back to South Africa. Having been a stay-at-home mom for a while, life magically placed me into Capella House last year when a teaching-assistant position for Grades 1 to 7 in Afrikaans and Art became available. I’ve not looked back since, and this year I’m enjoying assisting the Grade 1s in all subjects. I love the can-do attitude of Capella staff and working with children is always a breath of fresh air for me.

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