Portia Ntlamba

I’m a mother of 3 boys, and I was born in a small town called Mount Frere.

I moved to Cape Town in the year 2007, looking for possibilities. I worked at a restaurant called Olympia Cafe for a short time, as well as at Mr Price Home.

In 2010 I joined Capella House, called Synergy School back then; I started working with Malie who is my Principal right now.
I started off as a cleaner, then moved on to become a general worker and now I am a teacher and I am so proud of how far I have come.
It has been a journey and I realise that learning doesn’t end.

For me, Capella House is a place of growth in so many different ways and I am happy to be part of this community.

The mantra is:


  • Always be Accountable
  • Always be Curious
  • Always be Kind
  • Always be Responsible
  • Always be Respectful