Admission Process

We don’t want to ‘sell’ our school to you

We would like to share with you what we are doing and afterward, if you are excited about what we are doing, the invitation is to join us as partners in creating an amazing experience for yourself and your children.
As such, the admission process is all about finding out about and experiencing our school approach.

Step 1 Capella House tour (1 hour)

The first step in the enrolment process is when the primary caregivers come and do a school tour. These are the parents and the adults who look after the child.

Ideally, all the parents and primary caregivers are in full agreement about enrolling their children before we accept them into the school. We often also have educators on our tours wishing to familiarise themselves with our approach.

Step 2 Special visit (45 minutes)

After the tour, a special visit may be set up for the child to clarify expectations and any other important information that may need to be shared before a visit is arranged.

We wish for parents to make informed decisions regarding their child’s schooling. Our commitment is for you to find the best schooling for your child.

Step 3 Visit (3 days)

During the Pre-Visit interview, the dates will be finalized for your child to come and spend three days with us.

We wish for you and your child to experience our school in action before you make any decisions. In this way, you will see for yourself how our approach and philosophy are implemented in every classroom, as opposed to it being ‘just talk’ and words on a website.

Step 4 Post visit (30 minutes)

We meet with the parents after the visit to share the teacher’s experience of your child. We are also interested in your child’s feedback about the school. This is an opportunity to explore any areas that might need clarifying and to agree on whether Capella House is the right environment for your child. If this is not the case, we will endeavor to support you in identifying other options available to you and your child.