Parent Support Programme

Some feedback of parents

Parent Support Programme – not because we ‘’need expert support but because we can and want to support each other in allowing and guiding our children to become their beautiful selves! It takes a community……
Thank you for facilitating this, it is wonderful to feel part of a community that wants the same for your children. It is important to understand how ‘discipline’ is done in school so it can be mirrored at home. I suggest more workshops, inviting old parents to give examples of how it has worked for them.
I loved it and it helped to hear that we are not alone and please do more of this!
I found the sessions insightful, and it is comforting knowing that we are not alone in this wonderful adventure with its up and downs. I will strive to look at myself as an example for what development I would like to see in my child.
Really enjoyed the “Conversations at Capella’’- a sense of community and fellow voyagers all moving along a similar road.
Insightful Sessions
I really enjoyed connecting, learning, and laughing together. I feel humbled-and very inspired. I feel like I have amazing new tools to use.
More Sessions would be great
I particularly enjoyed being able to be in conversation with the teachers and other parents about the topics we covered. I think that being able to have open conversations rather then tips from the handbook.
This was awesome. After years of schooling this was the best conversations and having themed conversations would be great.
Wonderful facilitation and a great opportunity to get to know and feel part of the school community.